New Cottages

We are convinced that living in an institution or orphanage stunts the normal development and adjustment of any child or person. We believe that being part and living in a family is necessary for every individual and that it enhances and stimulates growth and development on all fronts of a child’s life. We therefore are quite urgent in our desire to build and provide a home for all six families living at the House of Resurrection Haven. We currently have four homes where four families live and we can see the difference this is making to the children’s lives. We have thus planned a complete change in the set-up of the families in order to create homes where the children are loved and cared for in a family set-up by Mothers and siblings. We are also creating community life where all children will feel safe and secure. We are also encouraging and stimulating integration into the wider community via the family. We need to build six new homes for our children in order to complete the transformation from orphanage to home. We already have building plans. We need the support of the community, business and individuals to give our children a safe, secure and loving family home For more information contact us using the contact form below.